SolarCat 14 is a three-seated solar boat in multihull technology. It can be handled simply and uncomplicated, so it is an ideal solution for recreational activities in watersports and renting. It reaches a maximum speed of 10 km/h and can also be driven alone out of solar energy. At an irradiance of
1000 W/m2 it reaches its maximum solar speed of 5 km/h.
The multihull catamaran technique as well as the complete engine correspond the newest knowledge in ship building design and integrate a long year technology experience with this and other solar boats into optimisation in all components. The
SolarCat 14 can be ordered in three optional versions of outboard motors in combination with the ideal energy storage of battery
packs. So the
SolarCat 14 can be optimised for the use in three possible surroundings: for very calm inland waters, for small rivers and inland seas and for more rough waters.
SolarCat 14 is fully electronically controlled by a throttle and is driven by a steering wheel.
Recreation-,Renting- and Tourism solar catamaran
Technical Data

Length * width all over: 3.92 m * 2.20 m
Draught (incl. outboard motor): 0.55 m
Usable area (GL certification): IV and V, limited coastal area (3 sm), inland waterways
Mass boat option 2, unload ( load): 320 kg, 570 kg
Shipyard: Solfatec Fasch & Tegtmeyer GbR
Option 1: 12 V, 400 W motor, 300 Wh LiMa battery
Option 2: 24 V, 800 W, 2880 Wh, Acid-Gel battery
Option 3: 24 V, 2000 W motor, 4080 Wh, Acid-Gel battery
PV modules: 50 Wp for option 1, 250 Wp for options 2 and 3
Several additional battery options are available on request.